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Friday, July 31, 2009

Most Wanted Ruumate 2009 : Grand Finale Party

Didn't expect myself to show up a bit the early for the meet up yesterday but didn't get bored while seeing the peoples setting up the whole club by putting decoration, buntings, preparing the booze and many more. Before that, meet up with kelvin from faces magazine to chit chat awhile while I wait for other finalist to come. Later on, Lilian reach there with some laptops and some other things though, was amazed by how small the laptop is. Really envy the people that manage to win it but can't envy much. Do satisfy with the results last night where I manage to get 2nd runner up for the Most Wanted Ruumate 2009. Not too bad, at least a place in podium. lolz. We have a practice on the catwalk around 3 something then head on to hair do by Hairzone, Michael poh and Face make up. Pictures will be uploaded soon because I don't really have the time to take pictures but there's people helping me to do so. I would like to thanks my friends that have supporting me all the while and appreciate the support from you guys. You guys rock. The biggest support of course its from my baby wai yee. Love her so much, she's with me all the while through out the whole journey for my most wanted ruumate competition and I love her so much. Thanks baby. In conclusion, the event was a success and it was pack with peoples last night even though its a invitation party only, I can see the sponsors from BAT, Mooks, Ripcurl, Hairzone, P1wimax, Acer, LG, Barbie eyes and many more. This competition really gain a lot for my experience and would like to thank fellow ruumsters for supporting me although I have no idea who will some people be but its okay, I know you choose the person that you wish him and her to become the Most Wanted huh. Once again, thanks peeps. Rock on.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A day In Pavilion

During the morning, went to the bank and do some transaction with her and thought we could get a chance for getting the asn thingy but end up there's a long queue of ppl waiting to open a new acc. Later on, hear on to pavilion in the afternoon with my sweetheart and she's such a sweet girl to accompany me even though she's not feeling that well. I'm so happy to have her around me. Went Sakae sushi in Pavilion for lunch with my darling and had a great meal there. She's willing to be with me every moment and she sacrifices her precious time when I'm trying our my sponsors shirt at Mooks for the grand finale event which is coming soon on 30th July 2009. I just love her so much and she's just the one that I would sacrifice all my things to. My only one Janice Lim Wai Yee. Nothing can be compare towards her and she just make me love her even more each second. I can't stand the behavior of mine for making her upset due to some issue. I'm so sorry dear. I would like to be there to accompany you and protect you every second if I could. I just won't let you be alone. You're my all.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Most Wanted Ruumate Grand Finale 2009

20 exceptional guys and girls have wowed the crowd and charmed their mates. But only 2 can stake claim on the prizes and the title of THE MOST WANTED Ruumate! Who will be the ONE? All will be reviewed at the Grand Finale!

When: 7pm, 30th July 2009
Venue: The Loft ( upstairs ) Asian Heritage Row, KL

*This is a Closed event and strictly by INVITATION ONLY!!

Genting Trip @ 19th July 2009

It was a sunny Sunday where I meet up with my sweetheart first and have our breakfast before going to meet our friends at one utama bus station. When we reach the bus station but didn't see anyone there yet so my gf give a call to her friend to ask where are they then we meet them up in Kluang Station but me and my gf just walk to meet them and say a hello then go off to the pet shop cause we are attracted to the cute golden retriever in the pet shop. It just look so sad and kesian. Pictures makes a thousand words.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A day @ Tropicana CIty

Spend my afternoon at Tropicana City today with my dearest for lunch and some shopping. =). Lunch @ sushi tei and one word for it, Thumbs up. Starting I thought the price would be like over budget for me but end up the price is still okay comparing to other sushi restaurants such as sushi groove and sakae sushi. Had a nice and filling lunch there and the service there is absolutely good and polite.