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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A day In Pavilion

During the morning, went to the bank and do some transaction with her and thought we could get a chance for getting the asn thingy but end up there's a long queue of ppl waiting to open a new acc. Later on, hear on to pavilion in the afternoon with my sweetheart and she's such a sweet girl to accompany me even though she's not feeling that well. I'm so happy to have her around me. Went Sakae sushi in Pavilion for lunch with my darling and had a great meal there. She's willing to be with me every moment and she sacrifices her precious time when I'm trying our my sponsors shirt at Mooks for the grand finale event which is coming soon on 30th July 2009. I just love her so much and she's just the one that I would sacrifice all my things to. My only one Janice Lim Wai Yee. Nothing can be compare towards her and she just make me love her even more each second. I can't stand the behavior of mine for making her upset due to some issue. I'm so sorry dear. I would like to be there to accompany you and protect you every second if I could. I just won't let you be alone. You're my all.

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