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Sunday, November 29, 2009

2 Nine Nov Zero 9

What a day. Woke up in the early early morning and see the sky is cloudy and dark then thought if the time is right and I double checked it and it were the time so I just started to update my automotive blog @ on the topic touge which I'm quite interested in although I never done it with any other friends with it except myself. Hahaz. Went to Ikano this morning after my brunch @ Kepong with my friends for bak kut teh session to visit Mr Vincent then head to harvey norman to see if there's any promotion being held there cause there's a fair in KLCC where they are selling the latest television with a cheaper price but unfortunately there aren't in Ikano. So after that went to ACE hardware to get myself 1 piece of Microfibre cloth for my car wash and another absorbent chamois for wiping the car. Soon there will be more to buy cause I like to see the car being in a clean and proper manner. Am I crazy or what. =). After a shop @ ACE hardware then go to IKEA to check out some furniture. See if there's any new ones. Although I'm a maniac in automotive but I do like to see interior deco so have a look there to have some idea. Saw many new and cost things and wish I would have the money to buy in future. Can just dream of it now and wait for the money to compile. Nothing much being done for the day except all the mentioned above. So I'm signing off ere. Ciaoz

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday 28th November 09

What a day I have, cook myself breakfast and lunch wei. Both different thing, morning is a fried rice with my preparation of almost more than 45 mins then lunch is fried Tung fun which prepare almost the same time as the Fried Rice.. Last night was a tiring day. Help my buddy to move his furniture from old house to new house. hahaz. But it's kinda fun when we are carrying a few heavy stuff where we act like machos. I can feel my muscles aching now. LOlz. After the shift, went for a lunch @ Murni Discovery which is Tai kong there. Have myself a Fried rice with soft shell crab. Although it taste abit weird but it's still nice. lolz. Later at night, went to the same place again for a drinking session aka YC with jae, jay, weisiong and Kok weng. Guess that place is gonna be the TT place for me next time. No longer Nasi Kandar Sedap d. Aim for a calm and peaceful place. =).


Thursday, November 26, 2009


Woke up real early in the morning but went back to sleep when I see the clock just tick 6o'clock. Lolz. Hmm, started to wash up and prepare myself some yummy breakfast before I go to college. Cooked myself some sausages to be put together and eat with bread but sadly mr cheese has finish eaten d. Aiks, wanna go grocerry shopping to grab more cheese. =). Went Kota Damansara ther for brunch with my college friends. Miss my baby so much although she thinks I don't so don't talk about it ady. Since it's not nice talking about it ere. Will make the reader feel ' youk ma '. NOthing much to talk ere so I'm signing off ere. =)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday 25th November 09

I'm feeling much better now after few days of sick I have. Hmm, god do bless me though. Thank god for staying by myside all this while. I'm still having a bit of cough but I'm still fine ya. The weather now is weird, suddenly a sunny moment can turns to extremly rainy weather. This happens during the break I have this morning. We were dismiss from the class and plan to go tmn tun for wantanmee but it suddenly starts to rain extremely heavy there which made us to change our place to makan form tmn tun to taman megah ming tien. Had a fillig brunch there. Ate pork porridge and ordered a chiken for addition. keke. Didn't did much for the day except for slacking. Aiks, feel so bad le. I should motivate my darling to study de but she had headache. Poor thing. Wish I could be there with her every moment to take care of her. Love my baby so much. Muacks for her. Bless her in everything she do. That's all for me today. Signing off ere. Take carez

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Masterpiece

Studio 15 Laptop
This laptop has everything and once I get it then my assignment will be easier to handle. For now, I will just wait for the time to pass. I can just dream how beautiful it will turn out to be. I didn't know that dell let the customer customize their laptop outlook to be what they want and I think I have already chosen mine but wonder if its nice. Let me have a dream of it and see. There's nothing much to do today, I took almost 2 hours to clean up the whole house today which is vacuuming the whole house. Every single part where the dust couldn't hide themselves anymore and I clean the washroom till it shines and bright like its brand new, Wash the clothes and hang them all. Hope it won't rain tonight because I have a bbq party to go to @ My buddy's house. He's making his 21st Birthday Celebration @ his house and I guess there will be quite a number of people who are attending it so hope for the best. Will be updating it with some pictures if I have the time to take some cause I plan to be there early to help him set up something or help out a bit. =).. Signing off now. Ciaoz.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My day

What a day, Had my haircut during the the noon time and now my hair is short and is real short compare to the previous times. It's like I'm back to secondary school life where our hair must be within what length. So I guess there's nothing much to do today but the rain just can't stop and it started during the morning till the afternoon. I just can't stand the rain. It's causing my car dirtier each day. I can't stand looking at the car being dirty. That's just me but don't hope to drive a dirty car to my place and ask me to wash it ar, or else I will strangle you. Lolz, just joking. So I had a great lunch with my baby @ FullHouse Ara damansara. I like the environment there and also the services there. They provide a good customer service and you just won't find any place to leave a bad comment. During the night, went and have a drink @ syed abu with Chris and Edmund and have a good long chat with each other. It's been awhile since we last have a drink together. Missing part of the gang in this drinking session. I guess that's for my day. Signing off now.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rainy Days

I can said that it's gonna be raining each day till the end of the year. Sigh, It always rain and I get really fed up of washing the car and it got dirty right after that. Today was fine, went to college in the morning to attend my lectures. Class ended @ 11.45am then we head to Taman Mayang for our Brunch and had a chicken breast with roast pork rice there with additional rice add on. It will only fill me if I eat that portion. Later on, I ask my friend to drop me by the road side then I walk to Kelana Jaya Station and wondering If I will be getting a bus to Sunway to find my Girl and give her a suprise but it didn't end up as smooth as silk. I waited half an hour for the bus to sunway from KJ Station which T623 but the bus driver ask me to go to the opposite and wait. So I went over to the opposite and wait after I have waited half an hour there. Wait for awhile there then the bus arrive but the driver come down and take his seet time and have his lunch. I was like zzz. Maybe this the 1st time I'm taking bus to Sunway Pyramid so I'm not familiar with the system ere. So I bare with this kind of services. I think government should have a more changes in transportation sector and also crime Sector. Transport is not well equip as other countries and the crime rate is getting rapidly increase due to the increase of everything in every sector. This can be chaotic if the government stil don't want to take action on such minor cases. Normally everything starts from minor and end up in major and I can comfirm that even there's security in your neighbourhood but sometimes securities are the spy for the robbers or buglars. They just don't mind giving some information to the robbers and get some so call commission for it. Besides that, I also heard there are fake policeman stopping ppl during the night and ask to come out but they are just intend to rob you so beware of it. It's some new tactic for them to buy a police costume and painted their car with a look a like as police car to rob you. So beware of it guys. I guess that's all for my post for today and I'm signing off.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a sunny and rainy day!

Woke up quite early today although the class in the morning is cancel due to the lecturer is going for some electrical seminar I suppose and few of my college friends are gone to measat, Cyberjaya which is the broadcaster for Astro and many other Channels. I guess they did have fun there exploring their antenna which is so called the dish which is not like the size of Astro but as big as a garden. So I was suppose to attend the class at 1 but got to college early so went to the comp lab to use the comp and on9 awhile before going for class. Then when the time ticks to one and that's when I receive a message saying that the class at 1 is cancel and I was like....cancel. Means left the class at 3 to 5. Lucky my coll friend have return form measat. I never go for the trip this time because I have already went there last year during my diploma times. =). So me and my friends plan to go centrepoint subway to have our lunch but then when we reach there and order the daily lunch set but they say no more d. How can they still but the banner outside and say that is no longer available. Don't make sense right. All of us change our ' MAKAN ' Place to McD. Had a filling meal there and go back to college when the time ticks 2.30pm. Lucky we reach college by 2.45pm and got ourself parking outside if not we have to be in shower with the rain. Class starts at 3 and ends at 4.30pm so after that I started packing and walk back from college as usual but the sky is just so sunny that it nearly melts me while I'm walking back. So I guess that's all for my day and I'm still having a bit headache now. Wonder if it's the weather that cause it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

MOnday is just so Cooling

Today is simply a rainy day. Woke up early in the morning and prepare myself to go for college. Reach coll around 8.45am and head to the comp lab and online awhile before I go for the class at 9am in the eng lab. Today's weather is just so cold and lucky I have brought my sweater along with me and kuru was the 1st person that say I look like a hip hopper. I was like zz. What the.. I'm just feeling cold, that's all and I don't want to freeze myself and sneeze throughout the day so it's for my precaution. After the class, we head to kota damansara for our brunch and it was a filling one because I ate a White chicken Breast rice with added one more bowl of rice. Wonder that will fill me huh. After the meal, we went back to college and as usual; stuck outside to cue up for parking. My college is always with the parking full sign and I seldom see the lights turn off. You can imagine how big is my college huh but I think when the school of social arts moved to section 13 which is the new campus then the parking would be not that occupied. Cross finger and pray for the best. That's all for my day and I'm signing off ere.


Nothing much for sunday morning cause I didn't do much things durin the morning session except for cooking myself a great meal where I enjoy my meal in front ogf the television with the channel of AXN showing my favourite CSI show. So head on to the night where my soul starts to kicks in.

My frequent place which is Syed Abu Located @ DJ. This place is not bad but when there's football, it's a super packed place though so I had a drink ere with my friends and chit chat for sometime.

After the drink @ Syed abu then I head on to Dessert Bar to meet up with my friends and that's the halloween menu with other deco around it. =). Guess that's all for my post. See ya..