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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tong yuen just pass

Tong yuen festival just pass where I had a few bowls fill with tong yuen and that's one of my fav dessert to eat when festive season arrive. I ate the one with plain dough and also the one with red bean paste in it, both do taste nice and delicious. Yummy. I feel very cham without a car owned by myself because I can fulfil things I wanted to do and I can't go anywhere I wish too. There's good and bad owning a car but normally its a convenience for me to go anywhere without burdening people. Sigh, I just wish to have a car asap and second hand ones also no problem for me as long as its running and kicking. With a 4 wheels rolling and a roof covering would be fine when I need a car, it won't have to be clssy and I don't mind letting people stare at it and laugh at it because with a car on hand. I can go anywhere I want to. I wanna hug my dear so much and I miss her all the time. Hmmz, hope I don't go crazy.. Arrr..Btw, todays whether is super hot and heaty. I can feel like my meat is being burn when I'm walking under the sun just for awhile when I'm getting a car. zzz. Went for a haircut and did some transaction and that's for my day. CIaoz, take carez.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner!

Christmas Christmas, What shall I do for it. I Have been busy to even update my personal blog lately. So the last post I have is the stop smoking post. Wonder it would cut down the smokers now through out the spread of the badness through smoking. In real fact, the smoker itself wouldn't die that easy but the person beside which doesn't smoke that will cause the early death. Sounds ridiculuous but that's true. Went for the fluxed event that day @ Euphoria by MOS @ Sunway Pyramid and took some pics. Do have a look ya @ . There will be more update soon ya. Before I sign off, wanna wish everyone have a safe journey back if they are having holidays and going for vacation and drive safe. Take care peeps. Cheers

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wed 9 dec Onine

What a morning. Had a class then that's all for the day. What my college friends decide for my another college mate's birthday is to make it @ neway karaoke by noon time so we head to one utama new way right after the class and enter the session till 3 where we have student price and food for it. Quite worth the value for it although the food doensn't taste that good. Sang our throat out during the singing session and we did have fun holding the mic making some weird noise when we don't know how to sing or pronounce the word. The atmosphere was a mayhem. After the karaoke and that calls a day. So we headed home separately but my kind friend drop me off nearby my house area. Thanks chee choong for the ride. =). Guess that ends my day ere. Signing off.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Spidey Coming out!

It's been days since I last update this blog. Have been busy doing my report and at last I submitted it to the lecturer today and today is the day of submission. Wonder if the lab report will turn out to be good. Currently in love with the song wei ni er huo by shen mu yu tou. Nice song though. Miss my sweetheart so much and wish to see her every moment if I could. Feel like hugging her real tight and enjoy the music together. I really wish I could be the one who is to sing this song to her. This guy just sound so nice. Omg, I'm so in love with the song. Arr..Wonder if I have money to have a trip to somewhere during the 1 week break I have. I wish to go out to a place where I can relax by the beach and watch the sunrise and sunset with my dearest. It just feel so relax and wonderful. Have been stressing all this while and just need a time to relax my mind and soul. Signing off ere. See ya peepz

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2nd december O Nine

It's just another day where I walk to college in the morning cause I don't wanna awake my parents that early in the morning so I just walk there and the weather is so nice to walk. Once I reach college, the 1st thing I did is msg my sleepy piggy which is still asleep. Bleks, but I don't wanna wake her up that early so let her sleep till my class gonna start 1st nie call her. Sigh, I feel worst for today because I non stop caughing in the lab when I'm using the comp and non stop coughing when I'm having the class. Feel like my throat also coughing out d. Haihz. Didn't do much for the day except for resting and lying down and hope for the sick to go off quickly. My dear is not feeling well today and I feel very worry for her. Hope she will recover asap too. God bless both of us and other people that is sick. Take carez..Signing off ere