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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Normal Saturday !

Woke up early in the morning and look see look see the web and revise my note a lil. After head on to digital mall with jay and my sweetheart to purchase some gadgets and later on go to One utama to check out the PS3 Launches their new PS3 Slim but unfortunately there's not much people that attend the Launch today. Maybe the booth is located at a wrong place and it's so hot standing outside there and I can even see the cosplay models sweating. LOLzzz...But now it's raining and I dont know if their booth will be affected by the rain water. Later on, head to the newly open handbag boutique which is Coach for some shopping spree. Didn't have anything in mind although it's fill with different models of handbags but guess I shall wait for the next batch of handbag to arrive. Guess that's all for my day and I'm signing off ere.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


What a tiring and joyful day I had today. Reach college in the morning as usual and went to the lab and online awhile. Saw derek there so join him and online together there. He was playing online flash game while I'm just checking the automotive sites to have some idea for my automotive blog @ . After having lectures by Mr Reynato then we head to Taman Tun for our brunch at TTDI Restaurant where our whole table eat the Wantan Mee from Weilun's Dad stall. It taste yummy and delicious where I haven't eat it for quite some time d. After the meal then we head back to college and prepare to bring down the equipments, 2 rolls of single core wires, hot glue gun, solder kit, lead, PLCs, Power Supplys and etc. After preparing everything and bringing it down to the main entrance while we wait for simon to arrive with the kdu car then we just taruk everything to it and go there by 3 cars dude to the amount of ppl we have there. 3 Lectures and 7 Students including me. =)....So I'm the person in charge for passing the Stage 3 clue where they need to build a circuit in order to proceed to the next one. Finish the whole Comet challenge around 4.45pm but the jammed has started when we are starting to leave the Methodist High School where it is located at Jalan Hang Jebat. Today is just a day where everyone could have a good rest due to the cooling weather after the rain. Guess that's all for my day and I'm signing off ere.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When wednesday calls

Woke up pretty early this morning where my parents drop me to college @ 8 something. Didn't have much things to do cause my class only starts at 10 o'clock. As usual, head to the comp lab and online till the time reach 9.45am then only I start packing my stuff and walk to the lab to meet with my friends. Class starts at 10am and ends at 12 noon so right after the class; 2 of my college go straight to get their ride and pick 9 of us to Taman Mayang Restaurant for Brunch. Guess what, all of us have chicken rice for our brunch and not to say all also chicken rice but most of us are eating chicken rice but some just eating char siew but all of us order from the same stall and it cause the worker also shock a bit when she carry all the plates from downstairs to upstairs. We head back to college straight once we are done with our meal but unfortunately the weather seems to change extremely fast from sunny to rainy. It's not just a few drops of rain but its a heavy and windy rain which can cause a tree to fall any moment. Scary wei. Right after we all reach college then there's some booth opening at the ground floor in my college so I went and check out awhile and see them selling the FM Modulator which I wanna buy for so long and at last I get it from one of the booth there. It's full white and guess what, once the sky turns dark and the interior of the car is dark; I plug my modulator in and it just brighten the car with the white LED lights. Cool huh. I choose the colour because its my favourite and it just look so clean. =). Very satisfied with it but unfortunately the remote control sems to be malfunction. I guess it's due to the battery. I can't expect much from the brand which I don't know and the stock is from china as it stated form the packaging but at least its a colour that I love so it satisfied me. Time reaches 5 and it's time to go off but the sky is still raining and I couldn't walk back home as usual so I ask my friend for a favor if he could drop me so I asked him to drop me to Tropicana City because I plan to go for a walk there and meet somebody there too though. keke. So I went to the starbucks there and chill awhile till 6 something before I go for a dinner @ esquire kitchen. After the meal, I went home straight and watch the tv series I'm addicted to till 8 o'clock. The show is just getting more and more interesting day by day. So I guess that's all for my day and I'm signing off now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rainy Tuesday

Woke up early in the morning and prepare for the class @ 9 which is analogue and digital control system. Reach college around 8.30am and head to comp lab for awhile cause can't see any1 nearby the eng lab or what so ever so I just check my fb and twit a bit in twitter. Right after the 1st class, we head to Taman Megah Ming Tien there for brunch and had myslf a claypot of porridge with some Oil Fried Ghost. lolz. That's what we talk about during the meal..Oil fried ghost...1pm which is my next class and listen to the lecture around 2 hours flat and go for another class which is advanced engineering maths where I have so many doubts in it when lecturer explain about the new Formulas. I'm Still thinking of the formula in my head for several hours d and try to understand what is it all about. Wait for my mom during my class end @ 5 something because I can't walk home due to the heavy rain and Stuck in the traffic when I'm just 10 minutes away from my house. =(. Today's traffic is pretty bad in LDP and I can see some minor accidents which is kissing bumpers along the road. Guess the people that drive nowadays is pretty impatient like me huh. Starting to calm down during my road driving but some idiots just make me piss but I still control myself because I sayang my life. LOLZ..So not me huh. Jz Jk..Guess thats all for my day. Signing off now. Ciaoz

Monday, October 26, 2009

Starting of The Day

Monday again and class starts as usual but I reach college almost 8.40am in the morning and went to the comp lab to relax awhile before going for the class @ 9 o'clock which is just right below so I don't have to walk much to be there. Class starts as usual where my lectures ends at 11am but unfortunately the class I'm having at 1o'clock suddenly cancel and it change to the other day which cause me to have 4 hours break in between. So I went to so called brunch @ PJ Oldtown for some Mixed Rice session. Had a very cheap mixed rice there. It only have me, Jos, Bryan, CheeChoong and Zewei. Some never turn up to class during the morning session and some fall sick so there's only 5 of us for the brunch. After the meal, we head back to college then go straight to the comp lab to check our mails, play some flash games and chit chat there. Class ends at approx. 5 today and head home. I just fel so tired today and my eyes is closing by now so I guess I have to say good night to all right now. Take care and enjoy the night.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunny and Rainy Sunday

What a sunny and rainy sunday it is. Hmm, woke up in the morning which is really early and did nothing except for resting again during the half day. Nothing much to blog about for the day except for the dinner at night with my family @ kota damansara. Had a very filling dinner and now I'm bloated with water nie. Aiks.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's a rainy Saturday where I don't feel well at the moment due to many issues. Had a bbq party last night at some place with my dear along where I spend great times with her and this morning didn't turn up well. Keep sneezing non stop which I don't like. It's like my nose is blowing off any time. OMg-ness. Didn't do much in this whole halfday besides resting and recovering myself from this sick. =(, haiz. Parents just got back from Thailand last night and they bought so many things and its like so many things. Got biscuits, meehoon, junk food and many more. Suddenly can't name everything ere and I am serious that they bought tons of things back from Thailand. Got myself some new T-shirts writing there Thailand with some pictures of elephant there. I think it resembles Thailand huh. Although I never been to Thailand but I hope one day I will get there and eat their famous tom-yam gong and many other spicy stuffs although I don't really take spicy stuff but that is what I need to do for once in my lifetime. =)I guess thats all for my day ere. Might ave some drinking session during the night but it's not comfirm if I will be recover by then. I think I shall go and have some rest. see ya

Friday, October 23, 2009

What a unexpected day of mine...

This mornings weather turns out to be calm and windy and it just feel great and I was delighted to have such weather everyday if I could. Didn't do much thing in the morning but went to the bank just to wish to withdraw some money out of it but the system just go insane where I can't withdraw any money out. Then I think its just the problem with the machine there. Later on, I head to One utama shopping Centre to walk around and I get the chance to passby my back's atm so I just wanna see if I can withdraw some of my money there but end up the same case as previous which makes me go freak out. I tried using my card to other banks but it just can't manage to withdraw out the money; I'm lucky to have some extra cash with me to have a meal at sushi zanmai with my dear but I just feel so great spending time with her. =). I was supposed to settle my bill in One utama digi centre in the morning and I didnt' know the centre is operate after 12 noon. So I went and walk around, window shopping abit with my darling and see if there's any thing to see or buy. Didn't do much things there though cause one utama is getting bored to me due to the same shop all the while. There's nothing much changes so I just head home during the time ticks 2.30pm. I guess that is all for my day for now. Gonna cook some nice delicacy to eat with my darling later.