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Monday, September 28, 2009

Orientation Day

Today is a both cloudy and rainy day to everyone. Happens when I'm on the way to sunway where it still drizzles a bit but it stops just a minute later. Went for my orientation briefing in the engineering lab today where my degree program leader, Mr Douglas Tong explains the details about the degree program that we are entering so we understands everything. Degree is starting and there's not much time for me to slack because I can't fail any of them and must maintain a certain percentage in order for me to achieve 1st class honor in this subject. I do hope to achieve 1st class honor in Bachelors in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. That would be fantastic but saying is meaningless without taking the effort to do so. So I must buck up and fresh my brains for 1 more day before my class commence on Wednesday. =). Before I end this post, I would like to wish Mr Edmund Chan & Mr Beh Wei Lun A Happy Blessed 20th Birthday. Way to go guys. Happy 20th birthday and have a blast guys.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My 20th Birthday @ My house

Me with Jay, Bryan and Vincent

Me and William
The most Birthday Gifts I have ever received in my whole life
Kenneth Cole Reaction

Sorry for the long delays, my birthday has past long time and now only uploading the pics.

Dinner @ 6 to 10

Had a dinner with part of my organization 9 gang and my girl @ 6 to 10 which is located nearby seksyen 17 area. The food there was not bad and I have no time to take the food due to the hunger i suffer when I reach there. The place is pack with people even though yesterday was a Raya but as what I heard that place is packed almost every night by the college students and teenagers nowadays. Below are the pics of me, my girl and my gang
Me and My girl
Chris The DJ
Po Lum just stares at his menu only
Edmund the COD4 pro