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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Most Wanted Ruumate 2009 powered by Ruumz is featured in local news

Winners and runner-ups of the ‘Most Wanted ruumate’
RUUMZ, Malaysia’s first social networking website, has found two of its “Most Wanted ruumate” in an administrative assistant and a writer.

Rachel Beh, 27, and Derek Yap, 25, attained the most attractive, creative and sociable title after two months of social networking to gain votes.

“This has been a tough and interesting campaign. It was amazing to see how young Malaysians today are so savvy in the way they connect to the public.

“Rachel and Derek are names to look out for as advocates of our future generation,” said ruumz.FM’s DJ Ross.

First runner-ups for the female and male category was blogger Amanda Choe, 20, and postgraduate student Kingston Liu, 25, respectively.

Design student Raeesa Shahirah, 19, and engineering student John Lean, 20, were second runner-ups.

The winners were selected based on the amount of votes acquired from ruumz members and judges encompassing online radio ruumz.FM DJs Fly Guy and Ross, actress and model Sarah Lian, Faces magazine editor-in-chief Lu Jing Shia and journalist Niki Cheong.

The contest required participants to upload pictures and videos on the ruumz website while showcasing personality, lifestyle and talents through various tasks.

The winners used the social mediums of ruumz, Facebook, Twitter and personal blogs to garner votes. However, Beh and Yap made extra effort to meet voters and fans.

The two winners will be featured in Faces magazine. They also each won an Acer Aspire Timeline notebook, W1MAX Wiggy two-year subscription, a 32-inch Samsung LCD TV, a Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani mobile phone, Mooks apparel voucher amounting to RM1,000 and RM300 Blings! worth of rummz virtual currency which can be used for photo printing, music downloads and more.

Sub-category winners include Raeesa Shahirah and Reuben Samuel for Mooks Most Stylish ruumates, Pearlyn Sin and Dicky Oscar for Most Wanted Acer Travelmates while Amanda Choe and Asran Zakry won the Most Desired rummates titles.

According to ruumzNation chief executive James Chong, the company plans to have the campaign as an annual contest.

“The search for the ‘Most Wanted ruumate’ was more than about good looks and online popularity but also a campaign to showcase how the new online generation is able to leverage on social media as opposed to the use of traditional channels that entails a high cost,” said Chong.

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