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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Me, Myself and I

Am getting more and more miserable each day by not doing anything useful or worthwhile. Sometimes, I question myself. What do I want in my life and what can I do to make things better.
There are too many things that needs to be consider and each things lead to a different consequences but there's limitation for me to proceed with. I just kept everything to myself as I don't want anyone to worry so much on the situation I faced. I kept things too tightly that will makes everyone thinks I am picking a fight, acting cool or bloody pissed off but in fact, I am thinking deep within my thoughts. I don't feel happy most of the time and many things seem to offend me in every way that will just pissed me off as easy as lighting a fire match.
I just don't get why am I get things heat up so quickly. I really have no idea about it. I just couldn't control it at this time being. I really wish things would be better and if there's a solution on how to vanish it, I would give a try.
If I were to be given another chance, I would really consider to have all my memory wipe off to not hurt so many people around me. I create problems than solutions and that is not a good sign. Another word to be known as "trouble-maker".
There are too much guilt for me due to my immature behaviour. I extremely hate myself for who I am.

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