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Monday, July 12, 2010

Nando's Restaurant @ Tropicana City Mall

This is the picture I saw in Nando's and I firstly thought it's Strawberry but after thinking it twice, It's a pair of Chilly hanging on the Tree. This piece of art is not bad though.

This is my meal where I ordered a 1/2 Chicken with a Mild level of spicyness and my side dish comes with a Mediterranean Rice and also a Classic Style Fries. Taste really good though and I have myself a glass of Iced Lemon Tea.

Ground Floor, Tropicana City Mall,
Petaling Jaya.

Feedback on the Restaurant: 
- Good Service provided by them. 
- Offers a few choice of selection in term of the spicy-ness or you can choose the non spicy ones. 
- Bottomless Soft drinks & Ice lemon tea.

Rate:  8/10


  1. is it the first time i see a non car post??
    btw, it been long time i din eat the nano peri peri chicken alrdy .. because i hate the escalting service change since they are using ipod to make the order..
    normally i order the level 'hot'...haha

  2. wow,,,lean,,,,nice view,,,,now so obsess to blog about food,,,nice,,,

  3. Ooh..i usually take the Extra Hot Peri Peri. I love Nando's. ^^

  4. just give you an advice...
    if you dine Nandos at Tropicana City Mall
    make sure do tell the waiter or waitress to really cook your chicken...

    the incident goes like this...
    i dine in there at the 1st day opening with a bunch of friends, i got a plate of chicken which is still a little raw....

    2nd time i went there with my parents (was like 3 weeks after) same incident happened =)

  5. Do you know that you can use touch & go card to pay at the alamanda branch?

  6. One of my favorite restaurants to eat grill chicken! =)

  7. 偶爾上來逛逛,下次不知是否還有緣再進來,先祝您平安順利!!!............................................................

  8. **foot print**
    I think is my 1st time seeing a non-car post as well..
    Thanks for ur nanged!
    Nanged and clicked on ur advertisement ^^