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Monday, July 19, 2010

Steven's Corner OUG

I just can't forget the cheese naan by Steven's Corner so I went to their new shop where they just shifted to the Corner and it's not far from their old shop and this shop has a smaller space compare to the previous where they placed all the tables outside the Tarmac Road with the whole stretch but this new shop looks really good with the design and also the environment. So on that day itself I ordered a Garlic Cheese Naan with Tandoori Chicken Breast along and it just taste so good. Love it loadzz


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  2. i luv cheese.. this looks nice.. nvr try it~

  3. cheese....ouh it but takut gemuk..hehehe

  4. No offend, but i wont eat in Steven's Corner ever again. The owner beaten an old man for removing his tables and chairs which in fact were blocking the old man's store front.

    read this: