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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mee York ( Kepong )

Was traveling in the Kepong area and was finding for nice food to eat then get myself ended up in this place which is located nearby to (KTZ) Kei Tak Sek ( Kepong Branch ) but it's just another Row so I have tried their Prawn Mee which the soup is superb with the addition of sambal added to the soup, it just makes it better. Besides that, I have ordered Lala as my side dish to eat with my prawn mee and it doesn't cost much.

My gf ordered a Claypot Loh Shu Fun and it taste good though. So you should try it out when you're near Kepong yeah.

Prawn Mee ( Chef's Recommendation ) with Lala as Side Dish
Prawn Mee - RM 6
Lala - RM 3
Claypot Loh Shu Fun - RM 7
Claypot Loh Shu Fun
Ice Blended Grape Drink with Pearl - RM 6


  1. @Adrian: lolz.. Sorry for making u hungry at this time dude.

  2. LOL! even i live at kepong i also didn't recognise this place :X

  3. alo... more food posting while i'm hungry, pleeeaseeeee....


  4. the price of lo shu fun and prawn mee are slightly higher but given at that price, it must be something special and nice..
    btw, the lala is very cheap.. but couldnt judge the p[ortion from the pic

  5. @Camy: Opps. Sorry

    @Kwong Fei: Hmm, the lou shu fun and the prawn taste really good though cause they are famous with it. The lala's portion is for 1 person and the price is reasonable for a person and the portion is okay for it.

  6. where is ur chatbox ar? :P heh

  7. Ahhh nice.. that place is near me.. haha prawns noodles is nice xD

  8. everyone should post more about vegan food entries. here i can only see n go like "ohhhh ok"

  9. hello may i know where exactly is the mee york? seems like i couldnt find it

  10. Mee york is love :D but the ice blended grape drink with pearl is quite expensice :D