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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Delicious @ One Utama New Wing

Partial part of the Main Menu

Cozy Seats for the people to enjoy their drinks, snakes and chill while spending their day there

Delicious Napkin

Hot Lemon Tea with Hot lemon served with Honey by the side and you can have a Crispy Hazelnut Biscuit to drink and eat with while waiting for your food to be served

Wild Mushroom Soup served with one Slice of Toasted Garlic Butter Bread

Fried Bacon Slices with Wild Mushroom Spaghetti Carbonara

I would say it is a good place to have your lunch and other meals there where by they provide a good hospitality services. The price of the food there is reasonable yet delicious as what the shop named it. The wild mushroom soup that I ordered is really authentic and you can taste every spoon of wild mushroom when you drink it and they really spend a lot of effort in doing it unlike some restaurant will only pour it out from a canned and heat it up before serving. Besides that, the Fried Bacon slices with Wild mushroom Spaghetti carbonara really suites me with some slices of cheese as the topping. Although the carbonara sauce is a bit waterish but overall the dish is fine. That is all I have to say here. Stay tuned to this column for more exploration of food and beverages around Malaysia.

Ground Floor, One Utama Shopping centre, New Wing. 

Feedback on the Restaurant: 
- Have a quick response workers that works there. Very efficient and proactive. 
- Moderate foods served there. 
- Cooling environment with cozy sofas at the outdoor. 

Rate:  7/10


  1. ooo.. finally its opened? ill definitely go check it out. thanks for the review!

  2. I love the spaghetti of Delicious :)

  3. @Ernest: Yeap, It's been there for quite sometime d yea. =). No probs, check it out there yeah.

    @Careen: Same Same.. Love it too. =)

  4. true! I love their spaghetti too, but not all the branch is nice :)

  5. I can't stand the sight of the garlic bread; i am going to buy one now XD

  6. The spaghetti is somehow 'flooded' with too much gravy O_O

  7. i wanna try on the triple tier muahaha~ xD

  8. i want try Wild Mushroom Soup served with one Slice of Toasted Garlic Butter Bread

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