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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bobalicious Smoothies @ Tropicana City Mall

Bobalicious Smoothies

 Passion Fruit Juice Smoothies

 Sliced Chicken Spaghetti Carbonara

The overall view of the drink and food that I have ordered where they served Chili powder and also Tobasco sauce : RM 12.90

Egg Mayo Sandwich served with nachos : RM 8.90

One fine afternoon, while I am walking around Tropicana city mall and craving for some food then I saw Bobalicious smoothies cafe where it attracts me with their Set lunch promotion with a serving of spaghetti and a Fruit smoothies and I was thinking, ' Why not have a try since I am a Spaghetti lover '. So I ordered a  sliced chicken spaghetti carbonara with passion fruit smoothies as my drink and it only cost me RM 12.90 with the food and drink. Reasonable price for everyone right because the smoothies itself can cost you around RM7.90 so I can consider myself full after having that meal with a add on of Egg mayo sandwich which cost around RM8.90. Although the price might sound a bit expensive but don't ever judge a book by it's cover. The amount of a sandwich itself can filled a normal person's stomach without having anything else. It's worth the price because they really fully utilize the money and served you a good and nice sandwich. Why not have a try when you're in tropicana city mall during the afternoon session and their set lunch starts from 12pm till 3pm so you have 3 hours to decide on what to eat during that period of time. Worth trying.

1st Floor, Tropicana City Mall,
Petaling Jaya.

Feedback on the Cafe: 
- Awesome Fruit Smoothies served in Bobalicious.
- A wide range of pasta served there. 
- Delicious sandwiches with a good dressing served there.
- Have Polite and well trained behavior staffs who works there.

 Rate:  9/10


  1. the smoothie looks good :D
    shall go and try it one day!

  2. @Chuen: Yea, the passion Fruit Smoothie is really nice and good. Worth trying. Try their set lunch yeah. Worth paying ..

    @Jiashin: Go grab some. =)

    @Joeanney: My fav food though..

    @Charissa: Oppsy.. =)..

  3. @Snowman: YEap Yeap.. Yummy. =)

  4. yo brother, long time no see! Sliced Chicken Spaghetti Carbonara looks awesome! gong xi fa cai! can't drop u msg cos ur blog no cbox lol

  5. Its been long since I dropped by ur blog! How r ya doing! Nice clean blog template (compared to the older one u had)!