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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Coffee Chemistry @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

Guess what, they have 2 mahjong Tables there for anyone who is interested to play if they have enough players

Besides serving good coffee, they do have a HTC phones published right beside there where you can have a view on the latest design of the HTC phones available there. They provide a kind and good service from the sales person there too. 

Part of the menu

The smoking area for people who would want to have a place to chill while have a sip of the fantastic yet artistic coffee.

Top shot of the drink that have a flower design in it. Creative enough huh? This is the Caramel Latte which cost RM 8.50 only

Caramel Latte

Top shot of this Roasted Almond Cappuccino which cost RM 8.50. Taste good though

Yummy and delicious Chicken & Mushroom Pie stuffed with Mushroom and diced chicken meat which cost Rm 6.50


  1. nice place to hang out... I experienced another place at Hartamas, but the coffee shop is in a hidden apartment... will see whether I remember the place then let you know about it =)

  2. wow...i love this 'Roasted Almond Cappuccino'

  3. A lot of people that have been there give really great comments! I should visit it anytime soon (:

  4. i like this place d coffee.. really nice nice..

  5. @Jfook: Yea, I love it too. Cozy and can have discussion with friends.. =)

    @Amuyo: Owh, Serious. Do let me know when u remember it yeah. Will have a look at it. =)

    @HuiHui: Love the design aite. =)

    @Hilda: Yeap Yeap. You should. It's upstairs of Movida. Easier for u to visit. =)

    @Nikel: Yeap, Coffee is nice and the service is good too.