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Monday, June 4, 2012

What's Life??

To me, Life is always a misery. Every single thing you do leads to a different consequences which will reflect towards ourself.

As time goes by, you will get to know yourself even better from the reflection on others towards you. No one will ever admits that they have bad attitudes until they personally experienced it.

I have no doubt to say I am never a easy going person as I am very self centered, only thinks for myself without noticing others. A attitude and anger management person whereby I would go crazy or angry fast because of small stuffs. A easy Jealous person where I will envy on everything. What can I do to myself to wipe off all the natural character that I have. I just can't go any further with such kind of attitude. I will only lead to more hatred by others and gossips.

How I wish I could be the most romantic person in the world to share the joy and happiness with the partner of mine, as I have such a bad character within me, I just can't do anything and satisfies the other side. I have many things kept within me and I would love to share it out with my partner but I just don't get the right moment as I get frustrated or angry easily, that spoils my whole mood. I just don't wish the character of mine pops out whenever it goes but most of the times, it's beyond my control. Maybe I'm just too afraid or have the courage to overcome it.

I really wish to spend the rest of my life and time with my partner with no regret but with the character of mine, there would not be any joy or happiness. I lose patience easily, I just can't stand the process of things going slow but I am always thinking about myself as being too self centered and doing things without thinking of the consequences. That screws me up.

John oh John, Why are you being this way, there would not be anyone will pity or give any sympathy to you based on your character, if you still proceed with this type of character, you will only be foreveralone. I need motivation, strength, courage, determination and all the good motivation for me to strive the goal ahead. Till then, I would end my post here. This post may not seems to be talking much about the lifestyle, F&B or whatsover stated in the title of my blog but majority mentioned much about myself.

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