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Saturday, January 16, 2010

15th Jan 2010

What a day I have, went to college and have my report printed out in the comp laboratory then walked out to the photostate shop to get my report comb binded then head back to college and submit the report on my lecturer's desk. Didn't have much things to do later on then I head home to relax awhile while wait for my mom to fetch me to KL's traffic police station to settle the summoned I got for road obstruction. Hmm, after settling the summoned. I come back to PJ by LRT because I can't see any Bus number 99 which is coming to PJ from the bus stop so I dare not take the risk so come back by LRT and its way faster than Bus although it cost more a bit. After reaching Tamn Bahagia, I went over to Autozone Service centre @
This service centre provide a good and affordable services to your ride and it has a very clean and good environment though. After spending sometime there then I head back to my house to take some rest. There goes my half day for the morning and afternoon session.

When the sky getting dark, there's adrenalin pumping up and I head to Euphoria by MOS for the FHM Event which co sponsored by carlsberg, Hitz. fm, malaya Optical and many other associates. Check out the girls doing their talks one by one with the company of mooks and rudy from Hitz.Fm radio station was seriously hilarious by the way they joke and make fun with the contestants. So after checking the FHM then I head to Mist club @ Bangsar for the Lollipop night as the title of the day is phat & furious where they show off their ride from different categories such as nissan, Toyota, honda and Mazda RX8. This event is practically sponsored by Tom's Stickers with associate with Mist Club. So took some pictures of the cars they have and will be uploading the pics by tomorrow @ so do drop by to check out yeah. =). Guess that's for my day and I feel so VIP sitting an Toyota Alphard 3.0 V6 to the clubs last night. That car was seriously fast, stable, comfortable and also Vip-ed. Can't believe the car can pickup that fast though. Guess that's for my day. See ya peeps. Cheers


  1. Hey there

    Thanks for dropping by MOS Euphoria last night. Hope you enjoyed the FHM GND 2010! We've got more events lined up for 2010. Do follow us on Twitter for the latest updates -


    The MOS Euphoria Team

  2. hye jl
    tq for drop by