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Sunday, January 31, 2010

31st Jan 2010 Sunday!

What a sunny morning I had when I just woke up around 9am in d morning and wash up myself before I have my filling breakfast @ Taman tun Yong len. Hmm, had myself a bowl of big Prawn mee meehoon and drank a soyabean. After the breakfast, I get myself to Curve where I planned to walk and shopped for my Chinese New Year clothes. I can tell you guys that I haven't been shopping for CNY clothes more than don't know how many years d. It's like once in a blue moon I go for shopping. =). Thanks to my dear for accompanying me but I do accompany her also. Finally got ourself some shirts, pants, and sweater but I just got myself Polo Tee and a Shorts from Giordana. Long time didn't shop for clothes d but both of the pants and clothes can cause me around Rm200. Hmm, money is not easy to earn though. Hope the quality of the shirt and pants can last long. Finger Crossed*...

After walking for several hours, we planned to settle down at Senjyu Sushi, e@Curve for our lunch. Had some sushis and also sashimi there. Yummy though. The sashimi is really fresh where I eat Salmon Sashimi for it. =). After the yummy and filling meal from Senjyu then we continue to walk @ Curve to see if there's any shirt which is nice and attractive to shop for but unfortunately there's not much though so we started going back around 4 o'clock.

I have been walking all over the mutiara d'sara area by starting the shopping at Ikea, Ikano then curve, and then e@curve. Last but not least, I need to get myself a running shoes to go for a jog. After the CNY past, I might joining back the gym to workout and stay healthy and fit. =). Have a nice day readers

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