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Monday, January 11, 2010

I need a break

My life has recently turn upside down and I wish I could have many wishes at this moment. I want to do a lot a lot of things where I wish I could turn back the time and I have cause a lot of unnecessary things happened. I wish I could I could have the best of me when I meet the folks but things went to be the wrong way. The impression has changed. Sigh. I feel like I have just drop from a mountain without a parachute. Is my my parachute sounds right. haihz. Haven't been updating this blog that frequent. My current schedule is finishing up 3 reports where each report really matters to me. There are just so many things happened recently and I hope I can remain strong and stay tough for it. Now I have to busy with all my Lab reports where everyone of them equally important. Hmm, I guess that's for my day.

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