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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tong yuen just pass

Tong yuen festival just pass where I had a few bowls fill with tong yuen and that's one of my fav dessert to eat when festive season arrive. I ate the one with plain dough and also the one with red bean paste in it, both do taste nice and delicious. Yummy. I feel very cham without a car owned by myself because I can fulfil things I wanted to do and I can't go anywhere I wish too. There's good and bad owning a car but normally its a convenience for me to go anywhere without burdening people. Sigh, I just wish to have a car asap and second hand ones also no problem for me as long as its running and kicking. With a 4 wheels rolling and a roof covering would be fine when I need a car, it won't have to be clssy and I don't mind letting people stare at it and laugh at it because with a car on hand. I can go anywhere I want to. I wanna hug my dear so much and I miss her all the time. Hmmz, hope I don't go crazy.. Arrr..Btw, todays whether is super hot and heaty. I can feel like my meat is being burn when I'm walking under the sun just for awhile when I'm getting a car. zzz. Went for a haircut and did some transaction and that's for my day. CIaoz, take carez.

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