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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2nd december O Nine

It's just another day where I walk to college in the morning cause I don't wanna awake my parents that early in the morning so I just walk there and the weather is so nice to walk. Once I reach college, the 1st thing I did is msg my sleepy piggy which is still asleep. Bleks, but I don't wanna wake her up that early so let her sleep till my class gonna start 1st nie call her. Sigh, I feel worst for today because I non stop caughing in the lab when I'm using the comp and non stop coughing when I'm having the class. Feel like my throat also coughing out d. Haihz. Didn't do much for the day except for resting and lying down and hope for the sick to go off quickly. My dear is not feeling well today and I feel very worry for her. Hope she will recover asap too. God bless both of us and other people that is sick. Take carez..Signing off ere

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