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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wed 9 dec Onine

What a morning. Had a class then that's all for the day. What my college friends decide for my another college mate's birthday is to make it @ neway karaoke by noon time so we head to one utama new way right after the class and enter the session till 3 where we have student price and food for it. Quite worth the value for it although the food doensn't taste that good. Sang our throat out during the singing session and we did have fun holding the mic making some weird noise when we don't know how to sing or pronounce the word. The atmosphere was a mayhem. After the karaoke and that calls a day. So we headed home separately but my kind friend drop me off nearby my house area. Thanks chee choong for the ride. =). Guess that ends my day ere. Signing off.


  1. Hi pass by from nuffnang :)

    Nice to meet you :)

  2. Nice to meet u too...from innit! love SHE!