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Sunday, November 29, 2009

2 Nine Nov Zero 9

What a day. Woke up in the early early morning and see the sky is cloudy and dark then thought if the time is right and I double checked it and it were the time so I just started to update my automotive blog @ on the topic touge which I'm quite interested in although I never done it with any other friends with it except myself. Hahaz. Went to Ikano this morning after my brunch @ Kepong with my friends for bak kut teh session to visit Mr Vincent then head to harvey norman to see if there's any promotion being held there cause there's a fair in KLCC where they are selling the latest television with a cheaper price but unfortunately there aren't in Ikano. So after that went to ACE hardware to get myself 1 piece of Microfibre cloth for my car wash and another absorbent chamois for wiping the car. Soon there will be more to buy cause I like to see the car being in a clean and proper manner. Am I crazy or what. =). After a shop @ ACE hardware then go to IKEA to check out some furniture. See if there's any new ones. Although I'm a maniac in automotive but I do like to see interior deco so have a look there to have some idea. Saw many new and cost things and wish I would have the money to buy in future. Can just dream of it now and wait for the money to compile. Nothing much being done for the day except all the mentioned above. So I'm signing off ere. Ciaoz

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