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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Normal Saturday !

Woke up early in the morning and look see look see the web and revise my note a lil. After head on to digital mall with jay and my sweetheart to purchase some gadgets and later on go to One utama to check out the PS3 Launches their new PS3 Slim but unfortunately there's not much people that attend the Launch today. Maybe the booth is located at a wrong place and it's so hot standing outside there and I can even see the cosplay models sweating. LOLzzz...But now it's raining and I dont know if their booth will be affected by the rain water. Later on, head to the newly open handbag boutique which is Coach for some shopping spree. Didn't have anything in mind although it's fill with different models of handbags but guess I shall wait for the next batch of handbag to arrive. Guess that's all for my day and I'm signing off ere.

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