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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When wednesday calls

Woke up pretty early this morning where my parents drop me to college @ 8 something. Didn't have much things to do cause my class only starts at 10 o'clock. As usual, head to the comp lab and online till the time reach 9.45am then only I start packing my stuff and walk to the lab to meet with my friends. Class starts at 10am and ends at 12 noon so right after the class; 2 of my college go straight to get their ride and pick 9 of us to Taman Mayang Restaurant for Brunch. Guess what, all of us have chicken rice for our brunch and not to say all also chicken rice but most of us are eating chicken rice but some just eating char siew but all of us order from the same stall and it cause the worker also shock a bit when she carry all the plates from downstairs to upstairs. We head back to college straight once we are done with our meal but unfortunately the weather seems to change extremely fast from sunny to rainy. It's not just a few drops of rain but its a heavy and windy rain which can cause a tree to fall any moment. Scary wei. Right after we all reach college then there's some booth opening at the ground floor in my college so I went and check out awhile and see them selling the FM Modulator which I wanna buy for so long and at last I get it from one of the booth there. It's full white and guess what, once the sky turns dark and the interior of the car is dark; I plug my modulator in and it just brighten the car with the white LED lights. Cool huh. I choose the colour because its my favourite and it just look so clean. =). Very satisfied with it but unfortunately the remote control sems to be malfunction. I guess it's due to the battery. I can't expect much from the brand which I don't know and the stock is from china as it stated form the packaging but at least its a colour that I love so it satisfied me. Time reaches 5 and it's time to go off but the sky is still raining and I couldn't walk back home as usual so I ask my friend for a favor if he could drop me so I asked him to drop me to Tropicana City because I plan to go for a walk there and meet somebody there too though. keke. So I went to the starbucks there and chill awhile till 6 something before I go for a dinner @ esquire kitchen. After the meal, I went home straight and watch the tv series I'm addicted to till 8 o'clock. The show is just getting more and more interesting day by day. So I guess that's all for my day and I'm signing off now.

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