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Monday, October 26, 2009

Starting of The Day

Monday again and class starts as usual but I reach college almost 8.40am in the morning and went to the comp lab to relax awhile before going for the class @ 9 o'clock which is just right below so I don't have to walk much to be there. Class starts as usual where my lectures ends at 11am but unfortunately the class I'm having at 1o'clock suddenly cancel and it change to the other day which cause me to have 4 hours break in between. So I went to so called brunch @ PJ Oldtown for some Mixed Rice session. Had a very cheap mixed rice there. It only have me, Jos, Bryan, CheeChoong and Zewei. Some never turn up to class during the morning session and some fall sick so there's only 5 of us for the brunch. After the meal, we head back to college then go straight to the comp lab to check our mails, play some flash games and chit chat there. Class ends at approx. 5 today and head home. I just fel so tired today and my eyes is closing by now so I guess I have to say good night to all right now. Take care and enjoy the night.

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