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Thursday, October 29, 2009


What a tiring and joyful day I had today. Reach college in the morning as usual and went to the lab and online awhile. Saw derek there so join him and online together there. He was playing online flash game while I'm just checking the automotive sites to have some idea for my automotive blog @ . After having lectures by Mr Reynato then we head to Taman Tun for our brunch at TTDI Restaurant where our whole table eat the Wantan Mee from Weilun's Dad stall. It taste yummy and delicious where I haven't eat it for quite some time d. After the meal then we head back to college and prepare to bring down the equipments, 2 rolls of single core wires, hot glue gun, solder kit, lead, PLCs, Power Supplys and etc. After preparing everything and bringing it down to the main entrance while we wait for simon to arrive with the kdu car then we just taruk everything to it and go there by 3 cars dude to the amount of ppl we have there. 3 Lectures and 7 Students including me. =)....So I'm the person in charge for passing the Stage 3 clue where they need to build a circuit in order to proceed to the next one. Finish the whole Comet challenge around 4.45pm but the jammed has started when we are starting to leave the Methodist High School where it is located at Jalan Hang Jebat. Today is just a day where everyone could have a good rest due to the cooling weather after the rain. Guess that's all for my day and I'm signing off ere.

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