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Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's a rainy Saturday where I don't feel well at the moment due to many issues. Had a bbq party last night at some place with my dear along where I spend great times with her and this morning didn't turn up well. Keep sneezing non stop which I don't like. It's like my nose is blowing off any time. OMg-ness. Didn't do much in this whole halfday besides resting and recovering myself from this sick. =(, haiz. Parents just got back from Thailand last night and they bought so many things and its like so many things. Got biscuits, meehoon, junk food and many more. Suddenly can't name everything ere and I am serious that they bought tons of things back from Thailand. Got myself some new T-shirts writing there Thailand with some pictures of elephant there. I think it resembles Thailand huh. Although I never been to Thailand but I hope one day I will get there and eat their famous tom-yam gong and many other spicy stuffs although I don't really take spicy stuff but that is what I need to do for once in my lifetime. =)I guess thats all for my day ere. Might ave some drinking session during the night but it's not comfirm if I will be recover by then. I think I shall go and have some rest. see ya

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