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Friday, October 23, 2009

What a unexpected day of mine...

This mornings weather turns out to be calm and windy and it just feel great and I was delighted to have such weather everyday if I could. Didn't do much thing in the morning but went to the bank just to wish to withdraw some money out of it but the system just go insane where I can't withdraw any money out. Then I think its just the problem with the machine there. Later on, I head to One utama shopping Centre to walk around and I get the chance to passby my back's atm so I just wanna see if I can withdraw some of my money there but end up the same case as previous which makes me go freak out. I tried using my card to other banks but it just can't manage to withdraw out the money; I'm lucky to have some extra cash with me to have a meal at sushi zanmai with my dear but I just feel so great spending time with her. =). I was supposed to settle my bill in One utama digi centre in the morning and I didnt' know the centre is operate after 12 noon. So I went and walk around, window shopping abit with my darling and see if there's any thing to see or buy. Didn't do much things there though cause one utama is getting bored to me due to the same shop all the while. There's nothing much changes so I just head home during the time ticks 2.30pm. I guess that is all for my day for now. Gonna cook some nice delicacy to eat with my darling later.

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