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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday 28th November 09

What a day I have, cook myself breakfast and lunch wei. Both different thing, morning is a fried rice with my preparation of almost more than 45 mins then lunch is fried Tung fun which prepare almost the same time as the Fried Rice.. Last night was a tiring day. Help my buddy to move his furniture from old house to new house. hahaz. But it's kinda fun when we are carrying a few heavy stuff where we act like machos. I can feel my muscles aching now. LOlz. After the shift, went for a lunch @ Murni Discovery which is Tai kong there. Have myself a Fried rice with soft shell crab. Although it taste abit weird but it's still nice. lolz. Later at night, went to the same place again for a drinking session aka YC with jae, jay, weisiong and Kok weng. Guess that place is gonna be the TT place for me next time. No longer Nasi Kandar Sedap d. Aim for a calm and peaceful place. =).


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