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Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Masterpiece

Studio 15 Laptop
This laptop has everything and once I get it then my assignment will be easier to handle. For now, I will just wait for the time to pass. I can just dream how beautiful it will turn out to be. I didn't know that dell let the customer customize their laptop outlook to be what they want and I think I have already chosen mine but wonder if its nice. Let me have a dream of it and see. There's nothing much to do today, I took almost 2 hours to clean up the whole house today which is vacuuming the whole house. Every single part where the dust couldn't hide themselves anymore and I clean the washroom till it shines and bright like its brand new, Wash the clothes and hang them all. Hope it won't rain tonight because I have a bbq party to go to @ My buddy's house. He's making his 21st Birthday Celebration @ his house and I guess there will be quite a number of people who are attending it so hope for the best. Will be updating it with some pictures if I have the time to take some cause I plan to be there early to help him set up something or help out a bit. =).. Signing off now. Ciaoz.

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