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Friday, November 6, 2009

My day

What a day, Had my haircut during the the noon time and now my hair is short and is real short compare to the previous times. It's like I'm back to secondary school life where our hair must be within what length. So I guess there's nothing much to do today but the rain just can't stop and it started during the morning till the afternoon. I just can't stand the rain. It's causing my car dirtier each day. I can't stand looking at the car being dirty. That's just me but don't hope to drive a dirty car to my place and ask me to wash it ar, or else I will strangle you. Lolz, just joking. So I had a great lunch with my baby @ FullHouse Ara damansara. I like the environment there and also the services there. They provide a good customer service and you just won't find any place to leave a bad comment. During the night, went and have a drink @ syed abu with Chris and Edmund and have a good long chat with each other. It's been awhile since we last have a drink together. Missing part of the gang in this drinking session. I guess that's for my day. Signing off now.

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