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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rainy Days

I can said that it's gonna be raining each day till the end of the year. Sigh, It always rain and I get really fed up of washing the car and it got dirty right after that. Today was fine, went to college in the morning to attend my lectures. Class ended @ 11.45am then we head to Taman Mayang for our Brunch and had a chicken breast with roast pork rice there with additional rice add on. It will only fill me if I eat that portion. Later on, I ask my friend to drop me by the road side then I walk to Kelana Jaya Station and wondering If I will be getting a bus to Sunway to find my Girl and give her a suprise but it didn't end up as smooth as silk. I waited half an hour for the bus to sunway from KJ Station which T623 but the bus driver ask me to go to the opposite and wait. So I went over to the opposite and wait after I have waited half an hour there. Wait for awhile there then the bus arrive but the driver come down and take his seet time and have his lunch. I was like zzz. Maybe this the 1st time I'm taking bus to Sunway Pyramid so I'm not familiar with the system ere. So I bare with this kind of services. I think government should have a more changes in transportation sector and also crime Sector. Transport is not well equip as other countries and the crime rate is getting rapidly increase due to the increase of everything in every sector. This can be chaotic if the government stil don't want to take action on such minor cases. Normally everything starts from minor and end up in major and I can comfirm that even there's security in your neighbourhood but sometimes securities are the spy for the robbers or buglars. They just don't mind giving some information to the robbers and get some so call commission for it. Besides that, I also heard there are fake policeman stopping ppl during the night and ask to come out but they are just intend to rob you so beware of it. It's some new tactic for them to buy a police costume and painted their car with a look a like as police car to rob you. So beware of it guys. I guess that's all for my post for today and I'm signing off.

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