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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a sunny and rainy day!

Woke up quite early today although the class in the morning is cancel due to the lecturer is going for some electrical seminar I suppose and few of my college friends are gone to measat, Cyberjaya which is the broadcaster for Astro and many other Channels. I guess they did have fun there exploring their antenna which is so called the dish which is not like the size of Astro but as big as a garden. So I was suppose to attend the class at 1 but got to college early so went to the comp lab to use the comp and on9 awhile before going for class. Then when the time ticks to one and that's when I receive a message saying that the class at 1 is cancel and I was like....cancel. Means left the class at 3 to 5. Lucky my coll friend have return form measat. I never go for the trip this time because I have already went there last year during my diploma times. =). So me and my friends plan to go centrepoint subway to have our lunch but then when we reach there and order the daily lunch set but they say no more d. How can they still but the banner outside and say that is no longer available. Don't make sense right. All of us change our ' MAKAN ' Place to McD. Had a filling meal there and go back to college when the time ticks 2.30pm. Lucky we reach college by 2.45pm and got ourself parking outside if not we have to be in shower with the rain. Class starts at 3 and ends at 4.30pm so after that I started packing and walk back from college as usual but the sky is just so sunny that it nearly melts me while I'm walking back. So I guess that's all for my day and I'm still having a bit headache now. Wonder if it's the weather that cause it.

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