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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday 25th November 09

I'm feeling much better now after few days of sick I have. Hmm, god do bless me though. Thank god for staying by myside all this while. I'm still having a bit of cough but I'm still fine ya. The weather now is weird, suddenly a sunny moment can turns to extremly rainy weather. This happens during the break I have this morning. We were dismiss from the class and plan to go tmn tun for wantanmee but it suddenly starts to rain extremely heavy there which made us to change our place to makan form tmn tun to taman megah ming tien. Had a fillig brunch there. Ate pork porridge and ordered a chiken for addition. keke. Didn't did much for the day except for slacking. Aiks, feel so bad le. I should motivate my darling to study de but she had headache. Poor thing. Wish I could be there with her every moment to take care of her. Love my baby so much. Muacks for her. Bless her in everything she do. That's all for me today. Signing off ere. Take carez

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